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Hungry? Take your pick from one of the best Italian restaurants in Australia. Photo: VadimGuzhva, Bigstock.

Everybody loves Italian food. We’ve done our research and found the best Italian restaurants in Australia. These restaurants are food for the soul.

Do you fantasize about cheating on your diet? Keep in mind that it is not cheating to eat Italian food.

Does your Joey side need to share food? If you answered yes, don’t take your date to these restaurants because they will be so delicious that you won’t want to share any food!

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The Best Italian Restaurants In Australia

Look at Australia’s 5 Local Italian Restaurants to see if they are as good as the Italian cuisine in Eat Pray Love.

Italian Restaurant #1: Pasta Italia

Pasta Italia’s atmosphere is as delicious as the food. The chef combines the exotic with seasonal ingredients to show his passion for cooking. The restaurant’s motto is “Enter as strangers, leave as friends.”

Deni Rapattoni and Josie Rapattoni love food, which is evident in the place. Deni’s Italian heritage has given him a love of food since he was young, eating at his parent’s table.

The hosts welcome their guests to the table, and they take the time to eat and drink while enjoying this wonderful thing called life. The pasta is made to perfection, and the color is almost translucent. It has a rich flavor and has captured even the most ardent foodies.

The staff at Pasta Italia will welcome you to their family. Photo: screenshot from www.pastaitalia.com.

Pasta Italia showcases Deni’s love for food and his high-tech manufacturing techniques that restore the true essence of traditional recipes. While attempting to perform the extraordinary, he maintains traditional authenticity and flavor. He has received many accolades from the harshest critics of his children at home.

The judges invited him to the panel because of his excellent pasta-making skills. He won the Champions Ribbon three years at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. His pasta, sauces, and ready-made dishes are on their website.

Pasta Italia gift boxes are a great way to show your love for your family and friends. Showing them that you care by giving them a gift box is a great way to show your love, whether for a birthday or an anniversary.

They have both a retail store and a restaurant! Photo: Dragon Images, Bigstock.

The restaurant and retail store are both located in Casula. They both promise good food and make no compromises on quality. Casula is just a short drive away for a delicious Italian meal. No need to fly halfway around the world. They bring Italy right to your tastebuds.

The pizzas and pasta here are an authentic Italian delight. You can’t go wrong with classic fettuccini or pumpkin agnolotti with burnt butter and crumbled cheese.

If you are a non-believer, you must try this creme brulee and the tiramisu. You can go here for any occasion, even if you are alone. Josie and Deni take you on a journey of food for the soul.

Italian Restaurant No. 2: Otto

The Sydney-based restaurant Otto is doing very well, especially after opening a new location in Brisbane. The menu is a match for the wine collection in both restaurants.

Otto’s menu includes a variety of meats, dairy products, and vegetarian options. There is no reason not to go! The restaurant is located in Sydney, at Woolloomooloo, overlooking the harbor.

Otto is located in the same building as other well-respected eateries, but you can’t miss it because of its outstanding decor and charm. You will be back for more once you taste Richard Ptacnick’s (the chef’s) braised beef cheeks in Marsala.

The restaurant is situated on the Brisbane River. You can bring your wine if you have a group of 13 or over guests. Otto Brisbane offers the best in casual dining and outdoor bar facilities.

With Otto, you get the best of casual dining. Photo: Uber Images, Pixabay.

Otto offers a casual menu called The Larder Menu from Monday to Sunday. You can take Otto’s signature olive oil home with you if you want to. Make a reservation for all those who are craving some Otto.

Italian Restaurant 3: Pendolino

Pendolino offers a quiet lunch in dim light with a delicious menu. You’ll be welcomed by an Italian server to get a sense of the place. This is an excellent choice for those who want a fun and exciting menu with a unique dining experience.

This place is unique because it selected flavored oils and a mouth-watering menu. The place also offers freshly made pasta, which is a delight. Nino Zoccali is an olive oil lover who has created an olive oil shop that sells Australian and Italian olive oil. This is a beautiful place for events.