If you’re confronted with an endless amount of work, food for your body and your brain could be the most important thing on your list. However, can you gain an advantage by simply eating certain food items? Also, does drinking a lot of water really boost your chances of obtaining excellent grades?

No matter if you’re a college school student, or the mother of one taking tests at school, you can find simple and quick food suggestions to ensure you maintain those vital energy levels, and boost the concentration and memory.

What’s the best way to eat breakfast on days of exams?

Research has shown that students as well as students that eat breakfast do better in tests. To get the most out of your breakfast, add slow-release carbohydrates like whole porridge oats rolled in a tin or whole grain bread, or muesli with low sugar, since they supply slow-release energy. Include a protein-rich food like eggs, yogurt, or milk to ensure you stay fuller for longer. When you are studying, try to eat foods that are high in Omega-3 fats with long chains, like smoked mackerel, since they are believed by many to boost brain function. Look through our list of breakfast ideas to get some ideas.

What can drinking water do to improve your schooling?

One of the best methods to increase your concentration is to drink plenty of water. Even moderate dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, decreased alertness and reduced concentration.

Take a bottle water to the exam when you’re allowed; an examination of university students discovered that those who carried beverages, particularly water, into the exam scored on average 5percent better than those who did not.

Begin your day with a glass of juice or fruit tea. It is recommended that the European Food Safety Authority recommends women drink approximately 1.6 Liters of fluid per day, while men should drink 2 3 litres. This is eight to 10 200ml glasses. Water is the best, however healthy beverages like milk, and small quantities of juice from fruit are also considered.

Coffee and tea count as well; however, they’re rich in caffeine. It is best to stay clear of sweet fizzy drinks and energy drinks that are high in sugar and can result in energy peaks and valleys.