Healthy Eating Accounts Worth Following on Social Media

 The adage “put good in, get good out” isn’t only a phrase that can refer to the food you consume into your body — it also plies to what you consume on social media as eating nutritious foods can have positive physical effects the. Same way, a “diet” of social accounts that encourage and inspire will help you continue on your quest to live better health.

However, social media is well-known for showing unrealistic pictures of health.

It doesn’t matter if it’s pictures of impossible bodies or salads with no leaves. Social media accounts can make you feel that the ideal lifestyle of a healthy person is only reserved for a few.

Instead of reading accounts that make you feel down, you could follow people who show real-world methods to eat healthily and have honest discussions about the difficulties of making this happen.

Stephen and Elise Compston aren’t just a couple that likes cooking together. They’re registered dietitians as well.

Their hashtag, #upgradedeverydayeats, tells you all you need to know about their relatable approach to healthy, tasty everyday food.

Incorporating their collective expertise with raising children, they offer engaging, relevant posts to help parents ensure that meals are at the table quickly.

Mainly, recipes that require only a handful of ingredients are their best. Try their four-ingredient tofu sheet-pan dish or their five-ingredient barbecue eggs and cheese quesadillas.

Be sure to visit the website for more easy and quick meal ideas.

Certain food-related social media accounts have gorgeous photos of recipes. However, a closer look shows that their ingredient lists are expensive (ahem… truffle oil for everything).

But not With Budget Bytes! The name of the blog suggests that these food blogs’ social channels focus on simple healthy, nutritious recipes that don’t cause financial hardship.

A recent college graduate trying to pay the bills, the blog’s founder Beth Moncel started her blog in 2009 to record her experiences creating low-cost meals.

Today, with more than 400,000. Instagram followers, and an app that offers her recipes in one location, Budget Bytes, is an ideal source for those looking to enjoy a healthy diet for less.

Visit Moncel’s collection of content to find everything from classic comfort food recipes, and vegan desserts to meal prep tips.

As a dietitian with physical disabilities, Jackie Silver understands firsthand that being healthy isn’t a universally applicable goal.

Her informative Instagram page provides easy recipes, valuable tips for recycling leftovers, and a plethora of healthy snacks that take just 2 minutes for those who have or do not have disabilities. And they take only two minutes to prepare!

She also gives information on nutrition therapy for various ailments and chronic illnesses.

Alongside being a dietitian, Silver is also a Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness practitioner. This can be seen in her writings on eating mindfully and changing your perspective regarding body image and food.


If you need you, need extra joy, log on to YouTube and enter Natasha’s Kitchen. In her many videos, the home chef Natasha Kravchuk’s hilarious, upbeat humor and humorous visual gags will make you smile.

In addition to various delicious and easy recipes, Natasha’s videos contain step-by-step instructions for more complex preparations like macarons and ratatouille.

While some of the recipes from Natasha’s cookbooks are healthy (hello and glazed donuts), Her overall attitude towards eating as an expression of happiness is infectious. If you’re looking for ways to increase your abilities in cooking, you could not find a more enjoyable instructor.

Sure, you’d like to eat better, but what about the kids in your life?

Many parents are aware having children who are picky eaters can cause a hiccup in the most meticulous meal schedules.

Fortunately, dietitian Jennifer Anderson has your back.

As a mother to two boys, she’s experienced in helping parents with selective eaters discover the best way to eat well as the family.

With a smirk with humor, Anderson can distinguish fact from fiction regarding the nutritional requirements for children. Follow her on Twitter for kid-friendly snack ideas, information on realistic size of toddler portion sizes, and the best way to deal with the leftover Halloween candy.

Sometimes, having a female partner is required to become a healthy-eating social media expert. However, men are also eager to be healthy too!

Fit Men Cook has 1.6 million Instagram followers; Kevin Curry of Fit Men Cook is an inspiration to people across the globe for his relatable social media content.

His feed has a wide selection of tasty and easy-to-make recipes.

For breakfast, you can try Curry’s delicious light-sweetened peach oat cobbler that he cooks in a skillet. Or for dinner, it’s his Cajun Red Pepper Pasta topped with shrimp and mushroom.

Curry also discusses his achievements in fitness, including triathlon training and failings, like when he attempted aerial yoga. His optimistic, positive attitude will encourage you to become more active.

  1. Desilicious RD

For inspiration on international cuisine with a pinch of mindfulness, look up Shahzadi Devje of Desilicious RD.

A Canadian nutritionist from Canada with South Asian heritage, Devje’s feed is filled with international inspirations for recipes, showing that healthy eating doesn’t need to be bland or tasteless.

For instance, Indian carrot halwa, Lebanese fattoush, and South-Asian-style shepherd’s pie that is vegan are just some of her delicious recipes.

While some recipes can be complex, others, such as her homemade salad dressings and energy bites, are simple to make.

All in all, Devje’s nudges guide readers toward conscious eating habits and sustainable food choices.


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