LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub is striving to change the direction of agri-business through empowering women-led initiatives and investments. Through its initiatives to help entrepreneurs in the agri-business sector in Africa and Small Island Developing States, LadyAgri connects women entrepreneurs and investors, innovators, philanthropists, and donors.

“When you invest in women, you get triple or more of the impact,” Hilary Barry, Secretary General of LadyAgri informs Food Tank. “When a project is finished, more likely than not, if it’s women driven a project it will still continue even after external funding has come to a close”

Barry established LadyAgri along with Aida Axelson Bkri as well as Ayele Sikavi Gabiam. Together, they’ve formed an entire team of 25 people from all over the globe.

LadyAgri is based on three pillars: technical support access to agri-finance and access to equipment, markets and technology. By assisting in the development of technical capacity, LadyAgri hopes to support women in all stages of their growth process. They teach women entrepreneurs to source sustainably and responsibly and to face unprecedented challenges such as climate change as well as boost local production and respond to demand from the market.

LadyAgri’s pillar on finance aims to connect women in agribusiness to the finance industry. The team works with financial service providers across the globe to bridge the gap between private and public investment, while also focusing on ethical and social best interests of Agri-businesses.

The last pillar helps facilitate business-to-business (B2B) relationships with agri-business farmers and producers of technological equipment. LadyAgri is a partner with private companies seeking to enhance their gender-focused focus and impact. It also provides public relations and government support.

Gabiam believes that LadyAgri’s three pillars have helped create an ecosystem of support for women entrepreneurs.

“When we enter a country we are creating a think tank for all of the parties, we are dealing with the government, the bank, women led businesses, and research institutes,” Gabiam director of Partnerships at LadyAgri informs Food Tank.

LadyAgri is currently managing events, programs and partnerships across 17 countries. According to the LadyAgri’s annual report for 2022 it represents over 132,000 small and mid-sized business (SME) employees cooperative members, cooperative members, as well as women’s economic organizations.

Statistics and partnerships prove LadyAgri’s successes since it was founded in 2018 Barry as well as Gabiam are most pleased with how the company has purged the gender and business silos that existed.

“Putting women and agriculture, trade, and investment all in the same sentence… I see that as a success for what we have done in just five years,” Barry says. Barry.

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