Rachel Guerin talks to New Food’s Grace Galler about the road Bacardi has taken and how the founding’s legacy is still evident in the current rum that it sells.

Bacardi is owned and operated by the family of Bacardi. and operated alcohol company, which is recognized worldwide for its many varieties of Rums. It was founded in 1862 in Cuba the company has expanded its reach throughout the world. What is it that makes Bacardi standout on grocery menus, shelves, and on social media ads? In particular, how has it held up to through the rigors of an ever-changing, fast-paced market for alcohol?

Who better to to learn more about the company’s road towards success other than Rachel Guerin, a Bacardi Heritage Curator, who is an illegitimate sixth-generation Bacardi Family member.

The Bacardi’s origins

The beginning is usually an ideal place to begin when trying to understand the character of a brand. Guerin was in agreement, saying that the majority of the things Bacardi performs in this century has been inspired by the 19th century’s creation.

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“Bacardi was established more than 161 years ago and was founded with the intention of creating the first light body and top mixable Rums. In the time of founder Don Facundo’s Day, rums were extremely simple and unfinished. They featured a great flavor but were not mixable, and certainly not suitable for everyone to enjoy.”

To fill a void in the market many years back, Guerin stated that at the time, consumers were seeking a high-quality drink, and because of this, Don Facundo was “inspired to develop a rum that everyone could enjoy that really encapsulated all the beauties and flavours of the Caribbean and his home in Cuba.”

The process of testing was said to take approximately ten years. In this period, he described various methods that Guerin asserts “set his rums aside from all the others.”

It can distinguish itself from other competitors.

One of the techniques Dan Facundo established was harvesting his yeast strain, which allowed him to create a rum characterized by “discernible and key flavour characteristics.”

Guerin explained that he also created the parallel distillation process in his rum production process, which helped him eliminate undesirable flavorings and increase flavor effectiveness.

“He made two distinct distillates. One that was very flavorful and robust, while the other was less refined and delicate. He was able to mix the two together to make a variety of spirits that could be a good match for a range of different flavours He was trying to get.”

She then turned her attention to one of Bacardi’s most well-known offerings; Guerin explained: “He finally established what we know today as Bacardi Carta Blanca, and he was able to start selling those in Cuba and build up a little bit of local success.” After that 4 February 1862, He purchased the first Bacardi distiller distillery. There, rum was produced commercially for the first time.

A bottle of the past

Of the many techniques Don Facundo created, Guerin was thrilled to inform The New Food that each is still used today.

“Don Facundo utilized these techniques to create a line spirits that he was very proud of, and that he handed on to his sons over the years which we call master blenders. It’s an art form that requires many years of dedication to master, however through these methods and tweaking the recipe as needed, our flavors and formulas remain unique to Don Facundo which, I think, is a great tribute to his work.”

Guerin also noted that Bacardi’s Cuban heritage plays an integral aspect of the brand; Guerin explained that Bacardi has seven generations of its family, which are “instrumental” in establishing a culture of “making exception drinks experiences.”

“We make use of our heritage as our light source. We continue to display our story to our customers on the bottle. which is a tiny picture of our distillery’s original due to our modest beginnings.”

To avoid getting caught up in the past, Guerin said that their brand keeps a watch on the industry of alcohol and is constantly developing new products while continuing to incorporate heritage into its innovation process.

“I also think that people view Bacardi as a lifestyle brand that [consumers] wanted to be included in,” Guerin added. Guerin.

Every bottle of Bacardi is a photograph that depicts the old Bacardi distillery, representing the brand’s history.