GoFood, the most recent delivery application to debut in the UAE, lets conscientious consumers help their local food and drink community.


GoFood, the most recent delivery service to be launched in the UAE, provides conscious consumers with the ability to take a stand and give back to their local food and drink community. Because it is owned and operated by the owners of restaurants themselves, the delivery fee is paid to restaurants. There aren’t any charges for signing up or membership fees, and through the patrons they have, GoFood patrons enjoy the benefit of directly supporting local eateries they love by ensuring that restaurants do not pay excessive commissions to aggregators from third parties.

Many of the city’s top F&B brands have joined #GenerationGo, as the GoFood community prefers to be known. There are more than 2,000 restaurants that are currently listed using the service.

Food ordering online has always been more complex than this. Credits for the photo are IStock.

Are you in the market for fast food? Why not try She Burger, Nando’s, Subway, 800 Pizza, Charley’s, or Pret to Go? Do you want to pamper the entire family or enjoy a night out with friends? Look no further than Cafe Bateel, Villa Beirut Tony Roma’s Chicken Tikka Inn, or Chinese Palace. Other popular neighborhood restaurants on the app include Chicking, Jamaica Blue, Kulcha King, Logma, Calicut Paragon, and Hatam.

As a part of the generosity-oriented mindset of the company, customers can enjoy 25% off the first three orders. Customers will enjoy thrilling deals and special offers to keep returning to get more. The app was recently updated to include “GoFood Grocery,” a fresh grocery delivery service for Dubai.

A wide selection of essential items for everyday use, such as baked products, fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy and meat, frozen food items, household essentials such as pantry items, and many more. GoFood Grocery requires a minimum AED 100 for each order, offset with the introductory discount of 30 percent for all orders until August 31 and a modest AED 12 delivery cost.

GoFood is still vocal about local issues and local UAE farmers being integral to the distribution chain. When customers shop at GoFood Grocery, they are aiding local farmers directly and, once again, contributing to the good of the community.

This fulfillment method does not rely on third-party suppliers, as the provider ensures an effortless shopping experience in which the quality of service is maintained. It also allows GoFood to monitor availability and deliver within all hours.

To make things easier, the option of online pre-payment and contactless delivery are offered for GoFood and GoFood Grocery customers. The most high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are ensured throughout every service aspect. From the regular cleaning of all storage areas and delivery vehicles to delivery personnel who undergo regular temperature checks and wear PPE for additional security, customers can be secure that GoFood provides a fast and reliable delivery service.