Why drinks are no longer an In Relation to Food

The adrenaline rush that is present in this industry day in and day out is marvelous. People are bound to go with the move, making sure that they are ahead in the race. Surprisingly, as the person is always high on the adrenaline, he looks so young and happy even in the toughest time. This makes the people in the industry great and exciting, making more new ventures and inviting new trends in the country.

Since the beginning, dining out has been a major trend in our country whenever someone goes to a restaurant; however, in the last two or three years, the modern, interactive customer is also searching for great drinks and choices when dining at a restaurant. It is possible to say that drinks are no longer meant to be a part of the meal. More often, people will go out for a nice beverage, with an ice cold glass of wine or a luxurious cocktail. “With emerging beverage firms bringing their drinks to India I am seeing the choices in India expanding. We can expect to get a new batch of single malts as well as the growing popularity of gin drinking. Bartenders are also expected to gain more recognition and importance within the industry over the near future,” shares Shreyas Patel of Bootlegger Bengaluru.

Additionally, consumers are not just looking for simple drinks or alcohol options. The drinks available include a variety of innovative innovations and international blends. As an example, Turmeric Latte in itself was a huge success, with thousands of people from around the world to sample our old Haldi Waala Dood. Additionally, plenty of new ideas are being developed to pair foods with foods available. For instance, beer pairs well with sandwiches, burgers as well as other snacks. wine is a great choice for a luxurious dining experience when guests are enjoying a leisurely eating adventure. “I imagine the scenario could be one where people often eat during the week whether in bars, food courts or at a reputable restaurant, based on what they prefer, so the market is likely to grow faster than they did before. Another thing to consider is that eating small portions and having healthy foods is essential. Therefore, the amount of food may decrease compared to the way our predecessors have experienced. Drinking alcohol will be an integral part of the evening, and will be followed by quick bites or snacks.” says Anjan Chatterjee, Founder, Speciality Restaurants Ltd.

Additionally, the cocktail drink is now gaining popularity in bars and restaurants. According to experts two years ago, the cocktail sales were around four percent, and now when they’re reinventing menus by adding a amount of crazy, they are selling 28-30 percent of their cocktails.

So, in light of all the changes the food industry is going through, we’ll find more food and drink choices on our table in the near future.

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