Why Smart Drinking is Considered as Cool Drinking

Is there a country that can boast a greater array of alcoholic tipples than France?

If it’s Bordeaux wine or Champagne made from Champagne, Normandy cider, beers or spirit from Cognac and Cointreau, France has always been a booming drink cabinet. However, it appears that the people living there have been drinking fewer and fewer, according to a study of the industry. In fact, the amount of alcohol has decreased over a long period of time.

However, the alcohol industry in India is third in the world, with a market worth in excess of 35 billion. Many startups have come up to take advantage of this growing market. Microbreweries popping up everywhere in the city have come to boost India’s brewing industry. Microbreweries are making their impression, there are some experts from the industry that have distinct ideas when it comes to alcohol is involved.

Make it More Favourable

French Sommelier Magandeep Singh said,” Drinking habits should be changed and Indians should be drinking less in quantity but more of quality.”

The relationship that young people have with alcohol is heavily in the west, influenced by our culture. The western culture encourages drinking alcohol, resulting in an attitude of relaxation toward alcohol and the belief that alcohol isn’t harmful. The culture influences the way that young people see alcohol.

Ankur Chawla Director, Beverages, JW Marriot, New Delhi says, “How beverages are consumed today is evolving and is well beyond the concepts of theory. It is what we actual experience that counts. The development within the beverage industry offers a variety of examples, He says.

The Big Picture

New research on drinking behaviors of millennials (aged 21, 35,) has shown that self-awareness as well as staying in control are the main factors behind limiting alcohol consumption on a night out. 75% of millennials believe they are now limiting the quantity of alcohol they drink in the majority of night out. The rise and popularity of social media within the millennials implies that a control over their image of themselves is crucial.

Consideration of alcohol as something that isn’t dangerous can lead young people to drink earlier age and eventually become part of the overall drinking culture that surrounds them, which can include harmful drinking.

On the other the other hand, moderate amounts of alcohol have been proven to provide health benefits. However, it is highly extremely toxic and addictive when we drink excessive amounts of it.

Quality over Quantity

Quality and taste should be a top priority when selecting an alcohol-based drink. The criteria for a good night out is changing, with millennials prioritising quality food and good friends over excessive drinking. They’re also looking for “new experiences” (49 percent) instead of the traditional great entertainment (39 percent).

“Looking at the bottle and how it’s presented helps people choose what they drink and it’s amazing. The people are extremely specific about their preferences as well as their taste, and this goes not just for alcohol but also for non-alcoholic beverages. How we consume drinks drinks has also changed. Actually, I believe that the success of a beverage company is a lot more dependent on the location of the hotels rather than consumers,” Chawla added.

Educate the Masses

Speaking to Rahul Singh who is President of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) and Founder & CEO of The Beer Cafe about the need to educate the masses on the importance of ‘Smart Drinking’ and stated,” Drunk driving is a crime that needs to be eradicated. A lot of innocent victims are killed because of driving drunk. To stop this from happening isn’t just only the responsibility of police but patrons and bar owners too.

National Restaurant Association of India works with taxi aggregators in the New Year and Christmas to prevent drinking and driving by guests. The association is also involved in campaigns informing customers about the dangers of drinking to the dangers of drinking too much by informing restaurant staff on serving guests responsibly.

“It’s suggested that guests who have consumed alcohol should take the breathalyzer test (if available) in the bar before exiting the restaurant premise” said Singh.

A trend refers to a decrease in consumption of alcohol as well as the savour of high-quality alcohol. To simplify things drink less and drink smarter.

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