Brits set records for “all year round” demand for non-alcoholic


Tesco information sales reveal that people from the UK have displayed a “record thirst” for low and no-alcohol beers.

Latest sales data from supermarket giant Tesco has revealed that Brits have created a “record thirst” for no and low-alcohol beer.

Tesco has stated that, while Dry January witnessed the highest ever record annual demand for no and low-priced beer, The sales at Tesco are “continued to soar since the start of the year.”

Market information from Circana has revealed that, while the demand for regular beers has dropped by 6 percent over the past year, sales of low and low-beer beers have increased by six percent during the same period. Tesco has claimed that “sales are so strong that demand for the first three weeks of June is more than 25 percent higher than it was for the first three weeks of Dry January”.

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Tesco continued to say that the most significant growth in low and no beer sales in 2023 isn’t located in England but within Scotland and Wales, growing at about 12 percent. In contrast, sales growth in England is barely 10 percent.

“The current boom is down to the number of authentic-tasting products now available from brewers who are using high quality ingredients and more advanced methods,” said Tesco Beer Buyer Jess Edmondson.

“This revolution has grown very quickly in the last five years and instead of the thin-tasting alcohol-free beers that were on the market back then, shoppers can now find fuller-bodied equivalents that taste like the real thing.”

Edmondson added there the “emergence of new no and low beer shoppers who are buying larger pack sizes rather than single cans or bottles.” She claims this is a “result of having more confidence in the quality now available.”

To meet the demands, Tesco now has 29 low beers or no alcohol, which it claims will satisfy “many tastes.”

In a statement on the increase in the number of people who drink no or little beer, Luke Boase, Founder of Lucky Saint (the official beer of Dry January in the UK), stated: “This idea that you must apologize for not drinking is disappearing, and we’re witnessing an accelerated shift regarding alcohol.

“With the rise of great tasting alcohol-free drinks and a desire to lead healthier lifestyles, more people than ever are moderating their alcohol consumption.”


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