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The co-founder and founder of Kyro Distillery Company, Miika Lipiainen, pours a glass of tradition behind Kyro Distillery Company. Finnish Rye Whisky Haven in Isokyro mixes tradition with innovation and community spirit.

Amidst the serene landscapes of the Ostrobothnian region in North-Western Finland, one can find an old dairy in Isokyrö, standing next to the Kyrö River. This is the heart of Kyrö Distillery Company, a Finnish all-rye distillery founded in 2012 by Miika Salmi Lipiäinen, Jouni Ritola, Miko Heinilä, Kalle Valkonen, and Mikko Koskinen.

Over the decades, Kyro has been earning praise for its dedication to excellence, innovation, and its commitment to changing the whisky industry to improve the quality of whisky. While saunas are as crucial to the Finnish people, they are also necessary. Is for Finnish people; saunas are essential to Finnish people, it’s critical to the origin history of Kyro Distillery.

The idea of creating whisky using Finnish Rye launched this group of distillers on a path that would forever alter the world in Finnish distillation. The journey was going to take a lot of work, and the decision to take this step was a matter of a shared vision and passion for Rye.

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How did five people in a sauna become an award-winning distillery that uses all-rye under Kyro? The answer is simple that it was through dreaming and daring.

Inspiring people to pay tribute to their our heritage

Its town Isokyro has a rich and varied history and is committed to preserving the traditions of the area, its the environment, and more importantly the people who live there was and has always been the mainstay of Kyro. Although they had no experience with distillation, the team began the process by conducting research and playing around with Rye to determine the most efficient methods for whisky production.

The thing that brought together our five founders over the years was the love of Rye the devotion of the Finnish tradition and the respect for the rules of their homeland, the ingredients used, and the craft.

Rye is a distinct grain which is why it requires finding the most suitable techniques for distilling whisky of it. Rye’s distinctive and unique flavor, which results from the severe Northern conditions, has become the main ingredient in Kyro’s whiskies.

The Kyro rye used in its production is the kind of “unique grain, which requires finding the right methods for distilling whisky out of it,” According to Lipiainen.

To create the most fantastic whiskey made from Rye, the founders realized they must be able to master every aspect of the entire distillation process, starting with malting the Rye, and then the distillation process, fermentation, and finally, aging of the cask. Copper pot stills with shining copperware are cultivated and create Rye-based whiskies with a traditional taste.

Whisky maturation is a work of art. Within Kyro’s gorgeous barrel warehouses made of concrete and wood, time is working its whisky magic. The barrels house whisky, bringing it to life with flavors. The thing that gives whisky made from Rye its full flavor across the spectrum is the blend between American and Scottish methods of making whisky, where the principles of the grain are combined with the process of pot distillation. The objective of achieving the best flavor out of the grain is achieved by malting Rye and incorporating all the solids in the distillation process.

What was the end product? A stunning 100% malted rye whisky that captured the core of Finnish culture, nature, and the spirit of the people of Finland.

Whiskey that has won awards

Kyro is a revolutionary distillery centered on transparency of taste, where every person’s experience is the same. Even though Kyro Distillery is among the most recent distilleries for whisky, the impeccable portfolio of 100%-rye products hashas been lauded and won numerous international whisky competitions.

The most recent time Kyro was awarded 3 stars in the 2023 Great Taste awards for its Kyro Malt,, the top distinction given to a wine in competition. It also scored “Gold Outstanding” with a staggering 98/100 score in the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). The entire Kyro range of products, including dairy cream and gins, is revered and regarded as a sign of high-end quality and distinctive character worldwide.

This fall, Kyro is reaching a new height by launching its primary whiskies range, which consists of four varieties available in 700ml bottle sizes. The selection includes the well-loved Kyro Malt, the alder-smoked Kyro Wood Smoke, the brand-new sweet and nutty Kyro Oloroso,, and the earthy Kyro Peat Smoke. The Kyro core range showcases the fantastic potential of the Rye grain. It also offers premium whisky with various flavors that will allow everyone to discover their favorite.

A positive influence

In addition to producing stunning rye spirits, Kyro’s dedication to environmental and social sustainability is a consistent theme evident throughout the operation. From using local ingredients, to operating the distillery with biogas produced from food waste and helping the region Kyro’s values are demonstrating the founders’ deep ties to their community, and their intention to positively impact the whisky industry. But Kyro’s whisky’s distinctiveness is more than just its flawless craft or the awards it has received in the process of capturing the Finnish tradition and Kyro values in each drink. Kyro’s entire portfolio takes you on an experience through Finland’s natural beauty, which ranges from lakes covered in mist and swaying forests to robust Rye fields and flowering gardens.

Kyro Distillery’s history is one of Rye’s most memorable journeys, marked by triumphs and trials that showcase years of hard work, dedication, and love for the Finnish tradition. Up to now, Finland is known as its land filled with thousands of lakes, but the future may bring something more that showcases Finnish tradition, craftsmanship, and values, including Kyro’s liquid gold. Kyro.


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