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Trends in Beverages: The idea behind these trends is that people are shifting towards an active lifestyle.

Aerated beverages are now substituted in these drinks.


  • Food and drinks are constantly changing following the pandemic.
  • We’ve seen a shift in drink consumption in the space as well.
  • The consumer is now looking for healthy choices in drinks.

There was an era when aerated soft drinks were considered fancy and must-haves for numerous occasions. Things have changed, and the way they are consumed has improved. In the post-pandemic world, it’s all about being healthy and eating, living and breathing, and drinking healthy water. People are now looking for anything natural and genuine and avoiding preservatives. Let’s look at coffee as a staple drink in almost every household. Nowadays, there are numerous alternatives to regular coffee, for instance, nutritious blends of white, ginger, or tulsi, and even turmeric latte, the newest trend. The idea behind the new fashions is that people have begun to adopt healthier lifestyles and are searching for health benefits products.

Turmeric is the newest trend because it is rich in curcumin, a compound with potent antioxidant qualities that can benefit a person’s health. In keeping with our movement, we look into the most popular trends now being adopted by markets.

Here Are The Top 5 Trends In Beverages For 2022:

  1. The Organic Trail

Growing your crop and remaining natural is today considered to be gold. This is also true for drinks such as coffee or tea. People are choosing to drink more natural juices and drinks instead of the aerated choices. In the case of coffee and tea, it’s all about the advantages of health. A trend that’s been around for quite a while is the rising use of coffee and green tea in various varieties. After the pandemic, turmeric was the latest flavor because of its incredible immunity advantages. This is the rising use of functional drinks that have rapidly become a component of people’s everyday routines.

  1. Low-calorie consumption

Being conscious of your health is now an accepted norm for those looking to live healthier in the post-pandemic era. Healthy beverages such as cold-pressed drinks, immune-boosting ingredients-based teas such as cold brews, and ingenuous ingredients like botanical tea are rapidly climbing the list of health-conscious consumers.

  1. New Blends

Although it may sound like something you’ve heard before, the fundamentals of tea and coffee are different. Nowadays, coffee is filled with new flavors and blends. Indians are increasingly innovative and are looking for new varieties of coffee, which result in blends of specialty and single-origin coffees sourced from single plantations of coffee, giving the coffee its distinct, unique flavor.


  1. Health in Focus

As the years pass, people alter their beverage preferences according to their preferences. In recent years, many have chosen red wine over other choices because of its numerous health advantages. It is generally believed to be beneficial for your heart. Because it is rich in antioxidants, wine is supposed to reduce cholesterol levels and astonishingly regulate blood sugar levels. It can also lower the risk of developing cancer and enhance memory.

  1. The Root Culture

The stories of Grandma are said to be a go-to recipe for many. After the pandemic, many people decided to use natural spice mixes in their drinks, such as more turmeric milk, buttermilk fruits, power seeds, smoothies, filter coffees, and numerous others. The benefits aid in improving health and immunity, improving heart health, reducing the chance of developing many illnesses that can be life-threatening, and boosting overall general health. Filter coffee is a Malgudi coffee that is an example of coffee beans being slightly roasted to preserve the flavor of the beans, giving you the authentic filter coffee taste that takes you back to your origins.

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