How to hire a chef for your next drinks event


Share on Facebook, Tweet on TwitterYou may have been on a date with your partner, enjoying the food and culture of different countries. Home cooking is great for a rainy, cold afternoon, but if you are hosting a dinner, you might want something more fancy than your chicken soup. If you’re hosting a dinner party, you may want something a little fancier than your famous chicken soup.

Hiring a private chef to cater your event may be the answer to your cooking problem. It may seem like a pipe dream at first to hire a chef who has worked in a restaurant or hotel that won awards. A professional chef can relieve you of stress and provide you and your guests with a memorable culinary event. It is possible.

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Why hire a private cook

Many people and families hire private chefs for special occasions rather than depend on substandard takeaway or questionable home cooking. If you hate cooking, it’s possible that you’d prefer to delegate the task to someone who has a wealth of experience, excellent customer service, and can provide meals of high quality. For example, Melbourne’s at Your Table.

There are also other reasons.

  • Create a menu that is tailored to your guests’ tastes: This can help you avoid allergic reactions or picky customers.
  • Ideal for special occasions. If you don’t have the skills to cook well or are hosting a large party, passing on the baton filled with cream will ease your nerves and ensure the meals that you want are prepared with care.
  • Additional privacy If you want to enjoy a delicious meal with your friends but also need a level of privacy a restaurant can’t provide, you should hire a private chef. You will be able to select your own more intimate environment while still enjoying the highly-praised food.
  • Affordable: Hiring a private cook can be cheaper than eating out, especially if you decide to make your own cocktails instead of buying them.
  • Higher Standards:Melbourne’s multiculturalism is well-known, particularly when it comes to food. If you want to impress guests and meet expectations, it is important that you honor these cultures and techniques. A private chef can help with this.
  • You’ll have more time with your guests. You will only spend some days in the kitchen and miss out on the fun.
  • Kid-friendly: Children below a certain age may not be the best behaved in fine dining. It can also be challenging to hire babysitters or ask your parents to care for the children while you are away. A private chef can provide you with a delicious meal and the peace of mind knowing your children are safe and comfortable in your home.
  • Variety When you are out with your family at a restaurant, you might be tempted to order the exact chicken parmigiana you get every time or stay home to cook your mother’s favorite birthday risotto. Mixing things up now and then is more fun than sticking with your usual dishes. Private chefs can introduce you to new words and open up your palate to those that you might not otherwise have tried or be able to cook yourself.
  • ConvenienceTraffic congestion and no parking spots can ruin your evening. You can save yourself the hassle of dining out by eating in.
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How does the process work?

Hiring a private chef may seem complicated, but the steps are straightforward.

Select event type and location

In the initial stages, you must decide what kind of event, such as a formal anniversary dinner or a weekend getaway, and how many guests attend. It’s essential to have a clear vision of your event to select the right chef.

Private catering services can be arranged for many events and occasions.

  • Small and intimate
  • The Large
  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor

At Your Table can travel to any destination within Melbourne or up to 50K from the city’s center to satisfy your dining requirements. The location does affect the overall price, as we will explore below.

Pick a cuisine

The most fun part of hiring a chef is choosing a cuisine. A professional chef with expertise in a particular cuisine can help you if, for instance, you crave Asian food but don’t know how to make it.

The available cuisines can vary depending on the caterer. If you are based in Melbourne, however, your options will be more diverse and should include the following:

You should also consider the variety of the menu and the number of courses you would like to order.

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